First Blog Post

“This is your very first post.” – says WordPress… Yes it is! and I’m excited ! As a certified Gen Y, I’m entitled to the random, obvious statements from total strangers every step of the way. Makes it easy they said. Till last week I prided myself as being a tech savvy Millennial who is comfortable with all things ,well ,”Tech” till when I decided to sit down and start this blog. SO like any from my flock I turn to Google, and then the information deluge starts… I get cold feet… too many options… seems ‘n’ number of people have ‘n+1’ opinions on every damn thing ! Its like a war field with opinions zinging around instead of bullets! Well somebody somewhere should decide to collate all these free flying opinions and probably find a way to make money out of it…. (Why not? The other day I read about a bunch of people from somewhere here in Australia bottle up ‘pristine mountain air’ and sell it on eBay and make shitloads of money!)


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