The Don Quixote of Vidhya Nagar

The tacho needle revs to 7000 rpm, the engine screams at standstill, power shuddering through the fuel tank and to the handle bars. The screams are lost in the din, from the people passing and the two idling buses nearby. The hands of the rider are sweaty from the heat or maybe he is nervous, after all, so much is at stake. He looks forward , oblivious to his environs, taking in the essence, living the moment. Feet planted firmly on the ground, he is the picture of confidence for maybe none passing around would be as sure as he is at that moment. It was easy ,  glory was just within his grasp . He closes his eyes for a moment, sees what he wants, smiles, his body taut like a drawn bowstring ready to fly in an instant , the bike between his legs shuddering, raring to go at its master’s command. IT’S TIME …

Then something happens,

The thing with Indian summer and die-cast bike levers is that they do not sit well with each other. Now throw perspiration into this mix, you get a very slippery situation.

What happened next was quick, as in freakishly quick, those few fleeting seconds seemed like a life time to him. The clutch popped prematurely , slipped away from his fingers. All of a sudden he saw  it, saw it all , the jeering crowd, the trees, the omnipresent sun, the instrument cluster speeding towards his face and WHAM ! He felt the sun on his face , the slow wet warmth spreading from his nose and that few moments of weightlessness , the whole world around him slowly faded into silence. The cacophony of the over revved engine, the grinding of the gears, the jeering of the crowd and the anticlimax of the metal kissing the earth all turned into a soothing buzz faint yet distinct and everything faded into black…



I had a sister who was still born,
It was from a time so long gone,
But when we forget that she was even there,
She reminds me that she is here, there, everywhere,
I sometimes let her slip into my head,
And she makes me feel I’d rather be dead….

– ‘Asura Prime’


The Delusional Mr. Tran

SO, we have this workplace kind of ritual almost everyday, before we start off the daily routine, we hang around and waste away an hour. Now this is always kicked off by my boss, so no pressure. Initially I was pretty cool about it ( hey if I get to waste away an hour of work and yet get paid for it , who cares? especially if its my boss ?) Well its not as innocent as it sounds, you see this ritual is actually Mr. Tran’s ploy to make us aware of his know how of every single thing he comes across. The very Mr. Tran who believes that :

  • Global Warming is hogwash.
  • The recent splitting of ice-shelf in Antartica is a conspiracy theory
  • Solar panels on top of residential buildings are the cause of increased weather discrepancies.
  • There should be a sanction against solar panels because excessive use of solar panels will deplete the solar energy from the sun.( And this guy says he’s got a P.G in Industrial Engineering from an obscure Uni, now I wonder why the manufacturing sector in Australia is down the dumps)
  • America has the largest oil deposits in the planet and there are places still in America where Oil is found on the ground... yes not underneath, but on the surface as if is just floating there, waiting for someone to trundle by and scoop a few bucketfuls to be distilled .
  • Trump and the previous POTUS ‘es are bent on using up the oil from rest the world so that later they can assume monopoly over the Oil industry.
  • He believes Elon Musk is awesome and is the sole saviour of mankind… (I feel Elon Musk is a sly weasel of a businessman rather than an inventor)
  • Spent a whole day reading through wikipedia articles on app development and coding, now is the self proclaimed guru on app development and frequently educates me on how IOS and android got it all wrong.

But with all due respect , he knows his stuff (work related). He’s been with the company for nearly 2 decades and for bulk of the time he’s been alone in the factory. I guess the loneliness has finally got into him and set his thought processes askew. Pretty sad person he is once you get to know him. He reminds me of Gollum from LOTR, and kinda looks like one too.

First Blog Post

“This is your very first post.” – says WordPress… Yes it is! and I’m excited ! As a certified Gen Y, I’m entitled to the random, obvious statements from total strangers every step of the way. Makes it easy they said. Till last week I prided myself as being a tech savvy Millennial who is comfortable with all things ,well ,”Tech” till when I decided to sit down and start this blog. SO like any from my flock I turn to Google, and then the information deluge starts… I get cold feet… too many options… seems ‘n’ number of people have ‘n+1’ opinions on every damn thing ! Its like a war field with opinions zinging around instead of bullets! Well somebody somewhere should decide to collate all these free flying opinions and probably find a way to make money out of it…. (Why not? The other day I read about a bunch of people from somewhere here in Australia bottle up ‘pristine mountain air’ and sell it on eBay and make shitloads of money!)